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SGDC was formed while recognizing the need to have an integrated golf course development company in India with all the necessary expertise and skill sets to take on turn key projects of golf course development, from concept to completion.


Subsequently, after years of producing world class golf facilities in the country, the company ventured into the development of various other sorts of sports facilities which included Multi-Use Sports Fields. This expansion made the company a fully-fledged professional sports ground development company in India.

As specialized golf course and other sports ground development consultants, our mission is simple, and that is to provide our clients with the best in services that are tailor made as per their individual needs. We don't work for them but with them to deliver a creative and strategic plan that responds to the nature of their business objectives while keeping in mind the long term sustainability of the finished product.

Being the first ISO 9001:2015 registered golf and other sports development company in the country, our expertise in matters of high quality construction and development is second to none.

From the lay of land, climatic conditions, care for the environment, to the technology and skill that go into constructing and maintaining a sports ground, it takes a master craftsman to fashion a stretch of land into a legendary structure that echoes its excellence throughout time. That's what drives the engineers and technical team at SGDC- a searing passion to watch an iconic landmark take shape as they work ceaselessly at every detail until finally, perfection is measurable in each blade of grass on the ground.

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