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Nothing between you and the perfect cut!

Bluebird Hover Mowers are commercial grade units that have been designed to be durable and reliable in the most demanding applications. They have been developed to a precise “CG Aspect Ratio” to assure optimum balance in all operating conditions. This combined with their proprietary fan and cutting blade designs, assure that you will always get the “Perfect Cut”. The special material used in Bluebird's decks keeps the extra pounds off our HM series mowers resulting in the ultimate in maneuverability and comfort.


HM200 20 INCH

The HM200 unit with its proprietary flail blade configurations is ideal for contractors and homeowners to achieve the perfect cut around hard to reach places like retention ponds and drainage ditches. The ease of use created by their precision air cushions will significantly improve productivity over conventional stick and wheeled trimmers for those contractors who want to increase their throughput and profit.

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