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At Tru-Turf, the team started with a clean sheet of paper and created a machine that’s lighter, smarter, and more adaptable than anything else.


Where other machines rely on weight to heavily compress the playing surface, Tru-Turf's lightweight rollers create a billiard table-like surface without compacting the soil beneath, resulting in better soil structure and healthier grass.



Tru-Turf’s premier productivity roller, the RB70 Tri Headed Golf Greens Roller boasts a contour following drive roller, a Honda 6.5hp engine coupled to a superior Eaton 11 transmission to provide the powertrain to cope with the toughest of operating conditions.
Unlike opposition golf rollers the RB70 is capable of smoothing large areas with its 70” wide rolling swath in quick time. The patented unique set of smoothing tri-rollers and contour following drive roller will follow the most difficult of shaped greens surfaces without leaving line crease marks on the green.



The heavyweight, BH40 is effortless to operate via its intuitive electronic control center.
Rapidly maneuver at various speeds with Dynamic Adaptive Steering wheel. With the built-in, non-skid feature, rapidly accelerate and quickly stop without worrying about damaging your greens.


Have debris or a stray ball obstructing your path? The automatic park brake allows the driver to safely step off the roller and jump back on without turning the engine off. Simply press the pedal and you’re mobile again.

Have a preferred driving position when rolling?  Adjust your suspension seat forwards or backwards.



Enviable performance. Exceptional durability. Inherently engineered for safety. The RB48-11A Golf Greens Roller delivers an unrivalled combination of advantages in an affordable package.

The RB48-11A rolls a 48 inch (1200mm) swath in a single pass. Its dual rolling heads are equipped with Tru-Turf’s patented offset rollers for perfectly even, crease-free smoothing and superior contour-following ability.



Building on our long history of industry leading design and innovation, Tru-Turf has incorporated more world firsts, making the industry leading roller even better!


Driven by a flexible, full width contour following drive roller and equipped with Tru-Turf’s patented triple offset smoothing rollers, following contours is a breeze. Combine this with overlapping roller heads and our innovative new self cleaning smoothing roller system and you achieve a true, smooth 50” (1270mm) wide roll on the most contoured greens without leaving gaps, grass clippings or line crease marks.



The Tru-Turf electric roller has been called a tour-de-force of innovation and efficiency. No other machine delivers its unique combination of performance and quietness.


Greens preparation after hours or in areas where there are stringent noise restrictions? Effortless. Operation while adjacent holes are in use? Easy. Yet despite this roller’s ability to fly under the radar, it packs a punch. It is known to have the ability to roll up to 36 greens on a single charge. Going electric means little compromise when it’s a Tru-Turf machine.

There’s ample power and traction to deliver the speed and impeccable crease-free results that our petrol-powered machines do.



Designed to true golf and sports turf surfaces through intelligent design – not by weight – the SR72 is a versatile and productive attachment. This roller is easily towed by any tractor over 45 hp with front wheel weights and uses the three-point linkage system to raise, lower and operate.



Tru-Turf’s patented triple offset smoothing head roller configuration delivers impressive rolling capabilities, a spiker that can be engaged allows you to perform two vital operations simultaneously – at a speed only limited by the local conditions. Spiking results in healthier turf, as it improves oxygenation and moisture ingress, and it also helps break surface hardness, for an ever truer surface.




The advantages of Tru-Turf’s fairway rolling heads are abundantly clear.


These hugely effective triple offset rollers are easily attached to your existing fairway mower, to greatly extend its capability. They quickly true imperfections in fairways with even pressure, while maintaining the fairway’s unique contours. The uneven pooling of dew or water is reduced, as are weeds and incidence of diseases such as dollar spot.

They reduce the time and effort needed in mowing, and the superior surface these rollers produce reduces mower maintenance and operational costs.

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